Presenter Instructions

As RASSE 2022 quickly approaches, we would like to provide you with information regarding your talk. The live link to access your talk will be emailed to you a few days before the conference.  

Format for Live (Pre-recorded Playback) Presentations:

All live Webex sessions will begin with playback of the pre-recorded moderator introductions (if applicable) followed by the speaker presentation. These presentations will be played directly from the hosts’ laptop.


Format for Live (Virtual) Presentations:

We ask that all presenters use this specific naming convention – “(Session Number) – (Presenter Name)” (e.g: A1-1-Eunice Feng) – while entering the virtual meeting room. Once you join the Webex meeting, the host will make you a presenter, therefore, giving you access to share your screen. You will share your screen displaying your PowerPoint slides and conduct your live presentation. All live Webex sessions will begin with moderator introductions followed by the speaker presentation.


Format for Live (In Person) Presentations:

You will be responsible for arriving to your scheduled location 10 minutes before your scheduled time. Please bring your presentation on a personal USB and save the slides to the laptop onsite. There will be a webcam near a podium which will be the video source for the live stream which will be displayed into the Webex session.

Once these presentations conclude, we will then move into the live Q&A session. As a speaker and/or moderator, you will be added under a panelist role within the Webex platform. This will allow you to see the Q&A questions being asked by the attendees who have joined and assist with preparing for the Q&A session. The current settings will be set-up for every webinar, unless otherwise specified or requested:

  • All attendees will be automatically muted upon joining the webinar
  • Panelists and hosts will have access to sharing their screen and video during the Q&A session, as this is usually requested by many speakers
  • The Q&A submission box will be accessible and can be viewed by the panelist role and hosts

Staff will be on every breakout room online to assist with any technical difficulties you may have.  

As an important reminder for moderators, to allow for a smoother transition and enjoyable experience for the audience, please thank the speaker once the pre-recorded presentation concludes and announce you will be moving into the Q&A portion of the session. You should have a list of questions prepared to ask the speaker based on the questions submitted.

We encourage ALL speakers to utilize their screen and video sharing during the live Q&A session. For a smoother virtual experience, please attempt to use a wired network to join the meeting for better signal stability and wired headphones while giving a speech/panel discussion for better sound output.

We ask that all speakers join their live session at least 15 minutes early to ensure the set-up is confirmed to your requirements and that there are no issues prior to the meeting beginning. When joining, please be sure to write in your full name so the WebEx Host can identify you as the speaker and give you the panelist permissions.

Should you have any specific requests for your live Webex session that have yet to be discussed, please email [email protected] directly for discussion and confirmation.


Below you will find a participant and moderator guide on how to best utilize the WebEx platform.


Webex End User Guide


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